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A Team That Helps You Succeed!

We help serve on each other's marketing team and we are good friends, the kind that can safely say anything to each other. We pray for each other and we are very good at providing feedback on elevator pitches, presentations, and challenges.

Why We're Better (and Cheaper)

Our Advanced Business Roundtable is one of the most unique business networking and self-coaching organizations in the region. We include many positive aspects for business owners. We're also the most affordable! Compare us to anyone and see for yourself.

Our Members

Below are members of our roundtable. As you can see, they come from a wide range of business categories and backgrounds. The synergy in the group is amazing and the life/business experiences of each members significantly add to the power of our networking roundtable. 

Member Name: Scott Alvord

Business Name: Advanced Development Concepts, LLC

Business Category: Business Coaching/Consulting, Strategic Planning, Business Startups, Target Avatar Marketing

Phone: (916) 782-4272


Description: ADC's tagline is "Helping Businesses Thrive!" Services include:

  • Business Consulting, Coaching, Training
  • Hacker-proof Business Strategies
  • Target Avatar Marketing
  • Process Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Startups
  • Stagnation Breakthrough

Member Name: Cindy Taylor

Business Name: Big Valley Mortgage

Business Category: Lender, Home Loans, Mortgage Loans, Refinancing

Phone: (916) 960-5448


Description: Big Valley Mortgage is one of the fastest growing full-service mortgage bankers serving our local communities. We are passionately committed to serving our clients by delivering honesty, integrity and excellence in all facets of our business. We are honored to have earned the reputation of going “beyond the call of duty” to take care of each and every client, addressing their unique needs and concerns.

Member Name: Douglas Brown

Business NameWhitney Oaks Insurance Services, Inc.

Business Category: Insurance Sales and Service, Commercial Insurance, Business Insurance

Phone: (916) 415-1930


Description: Our company's mission statement is to meet all of your insurance needs with the best products to be accompanied with the best service. We are aware anybody can sell you a policy. We understand the service needs associated with our policies.

Member Name: Mary Hurst

Business Name:  Mary Kay

Business Category: Skin Care, Color Cosmetics

Phone: (916) 206-1726


Description: With more than 50 years of empowering women, Mary Kay is proud to champion women’s entrepreneurship while continuing a powerful legacy of giving back to our global Mary Kay community – all thanks to one amazing woman who has helped millions achieve their dreams through this one-of-a-kind success story.

Member Name: Daniel Blum

Business NameMass Mutual Financial Group

Business Category: Financial Planning, Disability Insurance, Career Recruiting at Mass Mutual

Phone: (916) 878-3342


Description: Whether you’re taking care of loved ones, a family business, a company, or a group of employees, you’ll receive the same level of personalized attention. Not only offering quality insurance and financial planning services, Daniel recruits new advisors to help them start an exciting career.

Member Name: Jerry Jozwiak

Business NameLighthouse Printing & Graphics

Business Category: Custom offset and digital printing, graphic design services, and promotional items.

Phone: (916) 844-6951


Description: We offer a full spectrum of quality offset and digital printing, graphic design services, and promotional items at competitive rates. We desire to establish trusted, long lasting customer relationships. Our commitment is to exceed your expectations by providing unparalleled customer service. Our focus is to always produce the best product for you, the client.

Member Name: David Loya (consultant)

Business Name:  Placer Rescue Mission

Business Category: Permanent Housing and Services for the Unsheltered (Homeless) in Placer County

Phone: (916) 295-8701


Description: The Placer Rescue Mission is a faith-based non-profit organization. Based on national “best-practices,” our Mission will transform lives through effective, cost-efficient and long-term solution to homelessness.

Member Name: Maribel Perez

Business Name: Keller Williams Realty

Business Category: REALTOR®, Real Estate Associate

Phone: (916) 792-0700


Description: Maribel is your Sacramento Region, bilingual (English and Spanish) Real Estate Specialist.

Member Name: Jodi Riolo

Business NameClient Retention Marketing

Business Category: Greeting Card Marketing, Client Retention Strategies

Phone: (916) 771-5600


Description: We do the FOLLOW UP for business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs using our effective “done for you” greeting card programs because following up, connecting, and consistently keeping the communication going, are all essential components to building customer loyalty and RETAINING your customers “after the sale.” You spend a lot of time and money marketing and bringing in new business. But in most cases, there is very little or no effort made to follow up and stay in touch after the sale. That’s where we come in. We will implement, fulfill and customize an affordable follow up greeting card program to keep you in front of your clients and customers after the sale.

Member Name: Carol Hahl

Business Name:  Carol Hahl Real Estate and Property Management

Business Category: Property Management Services

Phone: (916) 718-6799


Description: We treat your rental like it was our own.

  • Analyze Neighborhood Stats for Proper Value
  • Help Setup Unit for Initial Rental, Oversee Needed Repairs
  • Interview for Quality Tenants & Run Background Checks
  • Receive Rents/Deposits, Pay Bills as Needed, Provide Monthly Statements, Provide Annual Statements
  • Ongoing Visual Inspections for Health and Safety Concerns

Member Name: Connie Correia

Business Name: Vertex Benefits and Consulting

Business Category: Independent Broker for Commercial Health Insurance and Personal Health Insurance

Phone: (916) 764-6458

[under construction]  Email:

Description: A single source solution for employers looking for assistance with managing and outsourcing their employee benefits administration. Vertex specializes in an array of health policies such as Group Health, Dental & Vision Insurance, Individual Health, Dental & Vision Insurance, Supplemental Medical, Dental & Vision Coverage, Group Life, Short Term Disability Insurance and Chiropractic & Acupuncture Coverage. Furthermore, they proudly work with some of the top carriers such as United Healthcare, Sutter Health, Kaiser Permanente, Health Net, Cigna and Anthem BlueCross.

Member Name: Jack Duran

Business Name: Duran Law Office

Business Category: Legal Services, Attorney, Lawyer.

Phone: (916) 779-3316


Description: Your go-to firm for your business legal needs. With 17+ years of experience working with small to big businesses, no problem is too big or small for us to handle. From forming a business entity, drafting demand letters, reviewing contracts, to business transactions and complex litigation, we do it all. Free 30-minute consultation for prospective clients.

Member Name: Mike Eldred

Business Name:  State Farm 

Business Category: Personal Insurance including Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, Renters Insurance, Disability, Boat, RV & Motorcycle Insurance.

Phone: (916) 786-4848


Description: This boutique agency provides personal insurance lines (and more) for families throughout California. Services include auto, homeowners, renters, disability, boat, RV & motorcycle insurance. Mike and his team are dedicated to helping people "plan today for a worry-free tomorrow". He is committed to providing an open, trusting and sincere relationship to help you manage risk and achieve both short and long-term financial goals.

Member Name: Vlad Tiskiy

Business Name: Capital City Tax

Business Category: Tax Services including Trusts

Phone: (916) 788-0212


Description: We are the premier tax preparation service firm. Our mission is to give our clients the best value they possibly can get, and to create a raving fan. We take the stress out of tax preparation experience, and make it enjoyable and fun while your tax return is done accurately and with integrity. We open year round to serve client’s needs, and information and consultation are free year round for our clients.

Member Name: Hilda Zuck

Business Name: Premier Designs Jewelry

Business Category: High Fashion Jewelry and Direct Sales

Phone: (916) 870-0609


Description: Premier Designs Jewelry has a wide range of high-fashion jewelry and accessory options that can accommodate every budget and fashion situation. For those interested in direct sales and earning a supplemental or primary income, Premier Jewelry can be a fun business to operate.

Member Name: Bobby Pena

Business Name: BPcubed, Inc.

Business Category: Public Relations/Communications

Phone: (916) 440-0980


Description: Straightforward, Targeted, Bottom-Line Results...
Providing our clients with effective communication and outreach strategies that help them reach out to the media, public and private organizations, legislators and various demographic slices of today’s public.

Member Name: James Longo

Business Name: James Longo and Associates

Business Category: Handyman, Construction Projects, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.

Phone: (916) 846-0772


Description: Handyman, Construction Projects, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.

Member Name: Mitzie Sambueno

Business Name: Sunpower by Hooked On Solar

Business Category: Solar energy solutions for homes and businesses.

Phone: (916) 223-9888


Description: Solar energy solutions for homes and businesses including solar panels and battery backup systems such as the Tesla Wall. SunPower has been leading the global solar innovation since 1985, with products that deliver more energy and long-term performance. Holding multiple world records, SunPower technology is rated #1 for durability, has the highest efficiency and can last up to 40 Years!

Member Name: Rebekah Richards

Business Name: Jucebox Local Marketing Partners

Business Category: Digital Marketing

Phone: (916) 415-8625


Description: Digital Marketing including web design, social media, PPC, and SEO. Our mission is to empower local business owners to utilize the most effective digital marketing strategies to attract more clients.
We aim to be your one-stop-shop for personalized and strategic online marketing that fits your goals and budget.

Member Name: Kevin Sullivan

Business Name: Optavia

Business Category: Health Coach

Phone: (916) 529-8804


Description: As a health coach teaching healthy habits, Kevin's personal weightloss experience is dramatic and he can help others experience the same results.

Member Name: Joseph Moxley

Business Name: Fusion Odor Removal

Business Category: Odor Removal, Mold Removal, Indoor Air Quality, Mold Testing, IAQ Testing

Phone: (877) 294-6367


Description: Safe Guard Your Family, Pets, and Home. Odors, mold, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens are safely treated in your home. Fusion Odor Removal offers multiple odor treatment service plans. Their cleaner, fresher, allergen-free odor treatment allows you and your family to breathe healthier. Their treatment for indoor air quality provides a healthier home by destroying the odor, mold, bacteria, and viruses that make your family sick and unhealthy.

Member Name: Your Name Should Go Here!

Business Name: Your Business Name

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Phone: (916) 111-1111


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Business Name: Your Business Name

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Phone: (916) 111-1111


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Phone: (916) 111-1111


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About Us

We are not just another business networking group. We are special.

Find out why!

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Our Members

Check out the list of members! We have a rockstar roundtable of industry experts.

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Calendar of Events

We'll connect up a calendar at some point. In the meantime, come see us next Wednesday 11:30am to 1:00pm at Old Town Pizza (see map).

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Contact Us

If you want to connect with us before attending a meeting (it's not required though), click below.

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Members Payment Area

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Innovative Ideas

The meetings are designed for personal and innovative growth. We feed each other with great tips, honest feedback, and business improvement.


The roundtable builds camaraderie through a confidential environment of helping each other. We begin meetings by taking prayer requests. Laughter is often interwoven in our discussions. We love to socialize too.

Breakthrough Barriers

As iron sharpens iron, we help each other figure out how to break through the challenges we have as business owners (and sometimes as human beings).

We Meet at Old Town Pizza

Every Wednesday 11:30am to 1:00pm
(Except before Thanksgiving, week of Christmas & New Years)

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