A Team That Helps You Succeed!

We help serve on each other's marketing team and we are good friends, the kind that can safely say anything to each other. We pray for each other and we are very good at providing feedback on elevator pitches, presentations, and challenges.

Why We're Better (and Cheaper)

Our Advanced Business Roundtable is one of the most unique business networking and self-coaching organizations in the region. We include many positive aspects for business owners. We're also the most affordable! Compare us to anyone and see for yourself.

Membership Application and Dues

How to Join

STEP 1 (Visit Us!)

You must first VISIT the desired chapter and make sure it's a good fit for you and your business. Talk to the members and ask the board leadership if they think you'll be a good fit.

STEP 2 (Review Bylaws)

Then be sure to read and understand the Bylaws to ensure you're comfortable with the group.

STEP 3 (Application Form)

Fill out the Membership Application form and bring it with you next time you attend. Give it to the President or other board member at the start of the meeting. If you're paying membership dues by check, attach the check.

STEP 4 (Voting)

Shortly before the meeting ends, the board will ask you (and any visiting guests) to leave early. Then the membership will discuss your application confidentially. We want to ensure that no member has had a bad experience with you or your company. We also want to ensure that any competing category members have the opportunity to express their comfort level with your membership. We consider ourselves "semi-exclusive" in that we allow duplicates but we respect the existing members if there is high saturation and discomfort of the member. After that, we take a vote.

You will be contacted after the meeting, hopefully with good news that you were voted in! If for some reason, you were not, we will be as loving as possible in explaining why and refund any payment you may have already made. ASSUMING YOU WERE VOTED IN, you will need to make the membership payment as soon as possible to finalize your membership. Welcome aboard!

Ways to Make Payments

ABR members can pay by credit card, check, PayPal, or with cash.

  • Credit Card or PayPal: You can use the PayPal link below to pay with any major credit card or with your own PayPal account.
  • Checks: Checks can be written but they must be made out to "Advanced Development Concepts." You can give the check to the Director or mail it to 141 Bogart Ct., Roseville, CA 95747.
  • Cash: If you cannot pay in any other way, you can pay cash to the Director, but please ask for a written receipt.
  • Gold, Firstborn, Chickens, etc: If you have a financial emergency and can't make the payment, talk to the Director to see if a member is willing to pay or loan the funds.
  • AUTOPAY!!! Why go through the hassle of making a payment every quarter when you can use the Autopay feature near the bottom of this page! Cancel anytime and if you forget, we can refund back the overpayment.

REMEMBER that membership fees and dues are tax deductible as a business expense so be sure to keep receipts or canceled checks.

First-time Member

ABR requires a 1-time, lifetime Membership Fee of $100. As long as you remain in the group and pay quarterly dues, you will never have to pay this fee again. We use funds from this fee to setup your business in our system (numerous tracking forms), with an online listing, and other overhead such as insurance, website services, and marketing.

First-time members still need to pay dues for the first quarter. If they join 3 or more weeks into the quarter, they can pay a prorated dues for the remainder of that quarter at a rate of $17/month for all remaining months or partial months (a partial month is any month in which there are only 2 or less scheduled meetings).

Quarterly Dues for Existing Members

All ABR members must pay a $50 quarterly dues at the beginning of each quarter (Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, Oct 1). 

For convenience, members can choose to pay dues for a whole year if desired ($200).

NOTE: Dues is non-refundable should a member decide to discontinue membership during a paid period. We can refund any dues for future quarters that have not yet begun.

Special Event Fees

On occasion, ABR membership might decide to hold an optional, special event that might have a charge associated with it. These costs can vary but members who attend these events can pay these fees through this page.

These events might be holiday events, new member mixers, client appreciation events, family mixers, etc. It's up to each chapter to decide.

PayPal Payment System

You can pay through PayPal below, which allows use of all major credit cards or a PayPal account. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE OR MAKE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO USE THIS SYSTEM:

ABR Membership & Dues
Notes to Admin

Automatic Payment of Quarterly Dues (Subscription)

If you'd like to set up an auto-pay for your quarterly dues so you don't have to keep paying every three quarters, simply use the following form! Stop at any time and we can refund any overpayment if you forget to stop.

IMPORTANT! Do NOT set up autopay if today's date is more than 2 weeks from the start of a quarter! Your payment is considered late if you pay after 2 weeks and by setting up auto-pay late you will make late payments every 3 months which can be frustrating to all involved. Therefore, if it is already more than 2 weeks into a new quarter, just pay regularly (above) and wait until the start of the next quarter to start using autopay. Clear as mud?

Which ABR Chapter?

Our built-in Leads form will automatically send business leads to ABR members. We work as each other's marketing team and bring in tens of thousands of dollars of business to the members every year. Great ROI!

About Us

We are not just another business networking group. We are special.

Find out why!

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Our Members

Check out the list of members! We have a rockstar roundtable of industry experts.

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Calendar of Events

We'll connect up a calendar at some point. In the meantime, come see us next Wednesday 11:30am to 1:00pm at Old Town Pizza (see map).

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Contact Us

If you want to connect with us before attending a meeting (it's not required though), click below.

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Members Payment Area

This payment link/button jumps to the old website's payment page. Go ahead and make your membership or dues payment there because it still works until we transfer that feature to this website.

Innovative Ideas

The meetings are designed for personal and innovative growth. We feed each other with great tips, honest feedback, and business improvement.


The roundtable builds camaraderie through a confidential environment of helping each other. We begin meetings by taking prayer requests. Laughter is often interwoven in our discussions. We love to socialize too.

Breakthrough Barriers

As iron sharpens iron, we help each other figure out how to break through the challenges we have as business owners (and sometimes as human beings).

We Meet at Old Town Pizza (WHEN THE PANDEMIC IS OVER)

Every Wednesday 11:30am to 1:00pm
(Except before Thanksgiving, week of Christmas & New Years)

However, during the pandemic, we're meeting virtually in Zoom. Guests can join us at noon at: www.ABRoundtable.com/zoom (don't click the link until it's time for the meeting)